Meet the brains behind WindGuard Insight!

WindGuard Insight strives to give you insight from our unique persepctive in the market in monthly updates. Our most experienced staff share their comprehensive view on political, technological or indutrial developments. The authors are from very different parts of our company group. Therefore, the range of topics is very wide as well. You will find all authors and a way to contact them under each post.

We have a small editorial team, Leif and Cornelia, who post the updates to this page. You can find out a littel more about them below. If you have comments or suggesstions for new topics or just want to say hi, please drop Leif or Cornelia an e-mail.

Cornelia von Zengen is head of PR and marketing at the WindGuard group. She loves the fresh winds at the coast, writing and developing new ideas.


Leif Rehfeldt is Head of Business Development at the WindGuard group. He is very passionate about expanding WindGuard’s activities into new countries, which goes very well together with his interests in traveling and exploring new cultures.