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Cornelia von Zengen is head of PR and marketing at the WindGuard group. She loves to write and the fresh sea breeze in her face at the Frisian coast.

Safety on Ice – Supporting the MOSAiC Polar Expedition

Cornelia von Zengen/ March 19, 2020/ General

The mission for Alexander Treichel and his colleague Stephan Arends from WindGuard Safety Training was clear, but not simple: Train 60 people from 20 nations in three days and get them fit for helicopter emergencies in the hostile conditions of the arctic. At WindGuard Insight, Alexander talks about this special mission, his experiences in Norway and the special challenges that

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Offshore Wind in Asia I: Insight into Core Markets

Cornelia von Zengen/ November 25, 2019/ Offshore

Currently, offshore wind development in Europe experiences a bit of a lull. Recent figures on development forecast a further decrease in new installations for the next years. With the traditionally strong nations on the European offshore wind market flagging, investors are looking for new opportunities. Several countries in Asia are pushing offshore wind development, making them an attractive option for

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A wind tunnel designed for the needs of the wind industry

Cornelia von Zengen/ October 30, 2018/ General, Wind Tunnel Services

Ten years ago, the first wind tunnel specifically designed for the needs of the wind industry was inaugurated in Bremerhaven. Get insight into ten years of wind tunnel history from our head of aeroacoustic wind tunnel testing, Nicholas Balaresque. Like many things in the early years of wind energy, the first rotor blade designs for wind turbines were adapted from

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Welcome to WindGuard Insight!

Cornelia von Zengen/ September 19, 2018/ General

WindGuard Insight is the name of Deutsche WindGuard’s new blog. It will provide an unique insight into our view on the wind energy market and new technological trends. In monthly updates, WindGuard’s most experienced staff will share their broad view on market developments and technological trends with you. You will get an update on our newest research results and reports

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